Custom Barney Episode Wiki

As of September 15, 2021, it required to have a Fandom account to edit here. Please read the blog for why this was necessary.


Custom Barney Episode Wiki

TLDR summary: An account is going to be required to edit here starting on September 15, 2021.

Fandom made a lot of changes across all wikis in the last year to fix problems and to get their wikis to line up with the current version of the MediaWiki software wikis run on. The side effect is that any wiki that has the Message Wall enabled can no longer talk to people that don't have an account.

On this wiki, we're still using the older User Talk pages, so that doesn't affect us. If the Message Wall ever gets turned on, it will put us in a position where we might have to block people that don't have an account just to get their attention. For example, to tell them that there's something they need to know or do differently, rather than because they caused a problem.

The issue is Fandom also created a policy that requires wikis to list the reasons why they might have to block people so it's out in the open and is fair. Blocking someone just to say "look at this" probably violates that policy.

I've started changing it on other wikis that have the Message Wall that you have to have an account to edit and I've been giving them a month's notice it's going to happen.

Whether we stick with the User Talk pages or we go to the Message Wall, we will have to shut off anonymous editing in a month. This is because this is a wiki about Barney & Friends, which falls under Fandom's guidelines for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

In short, COPPA says websites can't collect any personal information from children younger than 13. The IP address of the computer, smartphone or tablet you use to edit with counts as personal information, even if there's no account attached to it.

The way Fandom stays in compliance with COPPA is to require having an account to edit on any wiki related to children's subjects. When you sign up for an account, you have to state that you are 13 or older. If you're not and you lie, that falls on you, and Fandom can close any account where someone lied about being under 13.

Somehow, this wiki slipped through the cracks. It should have been set to require an account eight years ago. In a month, it will be turned on.

I know this won't be popular. Almost all of the people editing since May didn't use an account. If you're a fan of Barney, you're probably not a teenager.

But it has to be done to comply with the law. That's why I'm giving everyone a month to sign up for an account. Don't lie if you're not 13. I know it sounds like a little fib, but it can actually make things worse if you're found out.