The Colorful Garden is the fourth episode in the second season of "Our Special Friend Barney" 


Mario Canoli and Kristy are planting flowers in the backyard for Mario's uncle's resturant wich leads to a day about diffrent kinds of flowers and (with help from The Adventure Screen) how flowers are sold.

Near the end of the day Mario checks the garden one last time before Mr Canoli is scheduled to come over, but is horrifed to find that Spot dug up half of the flowers while they were in the hangout. Barney and the rest of the kids help Mario patch up the missing flowers and as a surprise Mario gives them they're own flowers in a pot. (including a purple one for Barney)


  • Barney
  • Jimmy
  • Jake
  • Karen
  • Kristy
  • Amy 
  • Mario Canoli
  • Mr Canoli (cameo at the end)


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. What Makes A Flower So Pretty?
  3. The Rainbow Song
  4. Growing
  5. Oats Beans Peas And Barley Grow
  6. What A Big Mistake!
  7. Help Protect Our Earth
  8. I Love You