The Backyard Gang Sleepover

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The Backyard Gang Sleepover is a Barney and the Backyard Gang video released on May 29, 1990.


After a long week of school, The Backyard Gang decide to have a sleepover at Michael and Amy's house, they start talking about imagination and all of the fun they can have with it at the party. Just then, Barney comes to life, appearing to the kids. However, the kids are so busy that they don't recognize him. Barney taps them on the shoulders, when all of them get scared of each other. Barney asks the children what are they doing with all the sleeping bags. Which Tina replies to that they're having a slumber party. Barney, not knowing what a sleepover is, asks about what things they do at a slumber party. The children then reply all at once saying many different things. Barney calms them down. Barney asks them again, and the gang talks about playing games, singing, et cetera. The kids define a slumber party even more by showing Barney what they do at a slumber party, all through the evening and night, they play games, sing songs, and have so much fun! At the end of the night, they all go to bed while Barney sings his favorite song I Love You in a touching, warm lullaby fashion.


300px-First Barney Plush.png
Barney doll used in the video
  • Barney (David Voss, voiced by Bob West)
  • Michael (Brian Eppes)
  • Amy (Becky Swonke)
  • Tina (Jessica Zucha)
  • Luci (Leah Gloria)
  • Derek (Rickey Carter)
  • Adam (Alexander Jhin)
  • Buster the Dog (Grouchie, trained by Diane Arrington)

Song List

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Hey, Hey, The Gang's All Here
  3. The Imagination Song
  4. Old King Cole
  5. Mr. Knickerbocker
  6. Dinner Time
  7. A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea
  8. B-I-N-G-O
  9. Sounds I Can Make
  10. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
  11. Hokey Pokey
  12. Sweet Dreams
  13. I Love You


  • The arrangement of I Love You sounds similar to the one used in Waiting for Santa, except it is at a slower pace, Barney sings it solo, another verse is added, and there are synthesizer harps in the background.
  • The 1990 Barney costume is used.
  • Like Waiting for Santa and Barney in Concert, this video was dubbed in Spanish. The theme song lyrics, however, were the new ones from Barney y Sus Amigos.
  • This is the second time Barney does The Barney Shake. (The kids pretend they are sailors.)
  • It is revealed that Barney likes vegetables in this video.
  • There is a goof up in the video where someone off the set accidentally makes a small clattering noise.
  • The Campfire Sing-Along Barney doll is used.
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