Situation Samba(A Barney Fan Made Song) (Instrumental)

Situation Samba(A Barney Fan Made Song) (Instrumental)

The Instrumental Version

"Situation Samba" is an Orginal Barney Fan-Written Song written by Courtland Wood.


I know two friends name sue and drew who were feeling awfully blue.

They soiled a batch of lemeade and did not know what to do.

After feeling some dismay,they tried to find a way.

To work the problem out and make sweet lemeade.

They had to think it through,from a different point of view.

No need to flip your lid cause this is what they did.

They had to.


Stop and think,,,

Find a way to turn it around

Stop and think...

Flip the sisuation upside down.

There is no substitution,to finding the solution.

Think the problem out and you will save the day.

(Two Bar Instrumental)

When you feel you really doubt it.

There's noneed to stress about it.

When the issue isen't right,

You should see it in a different light.

To create a masterpiece.

You need the missing puzzle piece

You will see the trouble clear when you use what's up in here(points to head)

You need to...

(Chorus 2X)

Just work it out so there's no more drama.

Work it out so we can all samba.

Just remember you need to stop and...

(Two Bar Instrumental)