Our Special Friend Barney is an independent spinoff of Barney and Friends this is the second season.


  • Barney
  • BJ
  • Baby Bop
  • Riff 
  • Mario Canoli
  • Ricky The Traveler
  • Jimmy
  • Kristy
  • Fred
  • Charles
  • Jake
  • Karen 
  • Amy
  • Scooter 
  • Ms Etta


  1. Feeling The Day Away
  2. Our Friend Jimmy's In A Band
  3. A Friendly Day
  4. The Colorful Garden
  5. The Things We Love
  6. Can We Please Learn About Manners
  7. Color's Make Me Happy
  8. Saying Be Careful Means To Stay Safe
  9. It Isn't Any Trouble To Forgive A Friend
  10. Deck The Hangout With Bows Of Holly/Pretty Kitty Christmas Blues(2 part specail) 
  11. Up Is Down And Left Is Right
  12. Music Is For Everyone
  13. The Special Things we Can do 
  14. Shaping Things Up!
  15. Will You Help Protect Our Earth?
  16. Rain Go Away
  17. Our Special Place The Hangout  (Season finale)


  • A few changes after the first season are noticeable the most notable ones is the garden is no longer around and is replaced with the Backyard which has a tire swing (ALA the main series) A Lounge Chair and a box that reads "Our Hangout" 
  • Amy, Karen's older sister joins the kid cast after appearing in a home video before 
  • Mario Canoli, an old friend of Barney joins the cast as a Mr. Boyd-type characther 
  • It is revealed The Imagination Hangout is a cardboard box in this season 
  • Scooter and Ms Etta joins the cast of recurring characthers for the first time since 2002
  • A schedule and network change occurs during this season (unlike the first season wich aired daily alongside a rerun of "Barney And Friends" on Sprout. the second season aired as a saturday morning show on local PBS staions with a rerun  airing on sundays)