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Our Special Friend Barney is a spinoff of the original Barney series Barney & Friends. This is the first season of the show.


  1. Purple Beard's Super Dee Duper Treasure Hunt
  2. Spring cleaning time
  3. A hunt for the senses
  4. What if you could be in the school play
  5. Me And my family 
  6. Counting the way to the numbers carnival
  7. Mother Goose is Back
  8. Books are Fun!
  9. Fun Around the world
  10. Tinkerputt's Wacky Inventions
  11. A Parade Is As Easy As ABC's
  12. We're On Our Way To The Farm
  13. A Buggy Day
  14. What Can I Be
  15. Our Special Pets
  16. Oh No What A Mistake!
  17. The Sounds Of The Nighttime
  18. Apple A Day Helps You Exercise Away
  19. The Doctor Is A Friend Who Helps
  20. A Book Full Of Memories


  • Barney 
  • BJ ( 7/20 
  • Baby Bop (5/20 
  • Jimmy (14/20 
  • Kristy (15/20 
  • Fred (14/20) 
  • Karen (13/20 
  • Charles (10/20 
  • Rickey The Traveler (5/20 


  • Unlike Barney and friends, Our Special Friend Barney is made by a different company (The songs and dinos are licensed to the company) Thus making it the first Barney series to be produced by a different team. However the dino voice actors are from BAF as well as a few crew members 
  • Barney's voice gets a notable change (Dean Wendt is replaced by a voice actor who sounds like Bob West to help get a nostalgic background to the show)
  • The only dinosaur to not apper in the first show is Riff tough he does apper in 3 episodes in the second season (as well as a mention in a episode) 
  • Rickey The Traveler a brittish cousin of Stella The StoryTeller debuts (He was created to be a spinoff exclusive but it was decided he would have some connections to a previous season) 
  • The Barney Bag returns and is slighty redsigend (A cartoon Barney is shown on the front and a tag is added reading "If Lost please return it to Barney The Dinosaur) 
  • The Adventure screen returns as a TV postioned in the back of the hangouts couch (if you press a button behind it, It can move itself to the front of the Couch for easier vewing) 
  • The kid cast in this Series are Middle schoolers as opposed to Grade school kids (Karen is the only one who isnt in middle school(its said in one episode she's in the first grade)) 
  • There's a new music director who makes the show sound a bit contemporay but brings back the synth instruments of the Bob Singleton's days of Barney.