Me And my Family is the fifth episode in the spinoff 

its a semi remake of "The One And Only You" and "My Familys Just Right For Me"


the kids are getting ready for an open house at they're school wich includes a display of heirlooms from they're familys but when Kristy said she's not going with a sad tone the heirloom display is halted , Barney talks to Kristy and she says she's not going because she's an only child thus making her family the smallest of the group Barney tells her that a family doesnt have to have brothers or sisters to be specail and that "Everyone Is Specail" 

Before the kids go to the open house they give Barney an invataion because they feel that they're purple friend can show that friends can be your family if they're some one your close with 

Educational Theme:Familys








Marcus (Cameo at the begining)

BJ (Cameo)

Baby Bop (Cameo) 


Barney Theme Song

When You Have A Ball 

Me And My Family

The Clapping Song

Mr Knicker Bocker 

It's A Family Tradtion 

It's Nice Just To Be You (varient of Nice Just To Be Me) 

Everyone Is Special

My Familys Just right for Me 

I Love You 


Our Specail Friend Barney:Me And my family (script)


This is The First Time Since 1996 Where The Kids sing the first verse of I Love You (before the song the kids say they have one more song they want to sing at the open house) 

The Barney Doll holds the ticket to the open house at the end