Let's Be Friends is the premeire episode of Barney & Friends' fifteenth season.


Karen, Sophia, Chris, and Ethan are playing on the playground together. However, quietly observing them is Marie, a shy girl who just moved in recently. She's down because she hasn't made any friends (save for Barney, of course) and is afraid to ask people if she could become one. Barney overhears her self-talk and comes to life before her eyes. Right away, the purple guy decides to introduce Marie to the others. Almost instantly, the other kids invite Marie to join in the fun, which brings the group discuss the importance of friendship. In addition, they take her to the treehouse and show her around. Ethan brings up that he has a pen pal in another city and that they communicate by email or by sending letters and gifts to each other. Sophia gets an idea to make some pictures to give their friends, whether they're closeby or far away. With the help of the Barney Bag, the kids draw, paint, and cut out pieces to make their masterpieces. Chris realizes he left a photo he wanted to use in his backpack and with Marie, he runs down the treehouse stairs. However, he trips on the last few, scraping his knees. She immediately hurries to Chris and uses some band-aids to help heal the scrapes. Little did they know that Barney and the others decided to draw a picture for Marie of all six of them together. As she and Chris return to the treehouse, they tell the group about what happened, which leads the group to compliment Marie on her courage. They sing about friendship once more and the others decide to give Marie the picture they drew. Barney decides to add one more touch to the drawing: a heart around the group. He then states that "a little kindness can go a long way with friends you love."


  • Barney
  • Marie
  • Karen
  • Sophia
  • Chris
  • Ethan


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Friendship Song
  3. Look Through The Window
  4. Mr. Knickerbocker
  5. Welcome to Our Treehouse
  6. The Barney Bag 
  7. Friendship Song (Reprise)
  8. I Love You