Books are fun! is the eight episode of the spinoff and is a semi-remake of the episode of the same name


The Hangout's library has been chosen for the annual middle school book fair and everyone is excited ........well everyone except Charles. When Barney finds out Charles has delixia he tells him that he shouldn't be ashamed of it but instead if he practices and gets help from his friends he'll get better at reading before he knows it

Educational Theme: Reading and praticing on things you failed to do before

Storys:Various main story being Little Yellow Riding Hood 


  • Barney 
  • Jimmy
  • Charles
  • Kristy 


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Books are Fun
  3. I Love to Read
  4. The Barney Bag
  5. Try And Try Again
  6. You Can Count on Me
  7. Books are Fun (reprise)
  8. I Love You


This is one of the times something happens to the Barney doll before he comes to life (One of the books hits the doll on the head)

A few of the stories featured in this episode are from other videos and episodes (The Ant and the Grass hopper and Little Yellow Riding Hood keeps Bob West's narration)