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Barney's World of Imagination

Barney's World of Imagination is a Spin-Off of Barney & Friends that will show on the Sprout Channel in the afternoons

Plot of the Show

Barney & his friends have a lot of fun with new friends & new activities! Barney introduces the audience to a brand-new clubhouse by the name of "The Club of Imagination & Friends" where they have fun using their imagination & learning about new subjects!


  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Season 5


  • Barney (Voice: TBA) (Body: TBA)
  • Baby Bop (Voice: TBA) (Body: TBA)
  • BJ (Voice: TBA) (Body: TBA)
  • Riff (Voice: TBA) (Body: TBA) 
  • Greg Page
  • Murray Cook
  • Anthony Field
  • Jeff Fatt
  • Sam Moran
  • Emma Watkins
  • Simon Pryce
  • Lachlan Gillespie
  • Kelly Hamilton
  • Tsehay Hawkins
  • Evie Feerris
  • John Pearce
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur (Voice: TBA, Body: TBA)
  • Wags the Dog (Voice: TBA, Body: TBA)
  • Henry the Octopus (Voice: TBA, Body: TBA) 
  • Shirley Shawn the Unicorn (Voice: Emma Waktins, Body: TBA)
  • Captain Feathersword (TBA) 


  • Barney's costume is a mixture with the tail from Season 5 & 6 costumes & connected ankles from Season 13.
  • Riff makes 2 appearances in the Series' (Let's Make Music & Everyone is Special)
  • The Scenery takes place at a park with a clubhouse
  • All the kids are played by 10-14 year olds except for Christina (she's played by a 6 year old)
  • Barney's new costume structure/performer is similar to David Joyner & Antwaun Steele