A Friendly Day is the third episode in the second season of Our Special Friend Barney


The Middle School is having a dance and Amy wants to ask the kids if they would like to go with her. However everytime she does try to ask them her shyness get's in the way. Barney tells her the story about 3 pigs who taught a wolf was going after them but instead just wanted sugar for his cookies showing that shyness is like building a house it takes one brick at a time to bulid up your courage,

Educational Theme: Over Coming Shyness and Being A Freind

Stories:The 3 Little Pigs 


  • Barney
  • Kristy
  • Jake
  • Charles
  • Amy
  • Scooter
  • Ms Etta


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Being Together 
  3. Singing With Friends of Mine
  4. Happy Dancin'
  5. That's a Home to Me
  6. The Other Day I Met a Wolf (The Other Day I Met a Bear Varient)
  7. I May Look a Little Scary But I'm Not
  8. The Friendship Song
  9. The Dino Dance
  10. I Love You


This marks the first apperance of the backyard

This is the first time Scooter and Ms Etta appers in the spinoff and the first time they apper since 2002