1 Week, 7 Days is the fourth episode in Season 15 of Barney & Friends.


Cody is upset, because his parents went on vacation by themselves and his grandparents are staying with him until they get back. Barney and the others help Cody plan fun things to do for each day of the week so the time can go by faster for him.

Educational Theme: The seven days in a week and planning to make waiting go by faster

Stories: Pandora's Box


  • Barney (Body: Carey Stinson) (Voice: TBA)
  • Jimmy
  • Cody
  • Priscilla
  • Jenna


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. I Just Can't Wait
  3. I Miss You
  4. The Idea Song
  5. There Are Seven Days
  6. Books Are Fun
  7. Just Imagine
  8. Popcorn Song
  9. Lookin' Round My Neighborhood
  10. The Barney Bag
  11. I Love You


  • This is the last time Carey Stinson plays Barney.
  • This was probably the first episode of Season 15 to be filmed, because some parts of the setting were still in development, like the playground, a slightly different Barney doll is used (i.e. a prototype), and the stairs that go upstairs are placed in a slightly different spot (in its place is a closet).